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Have been reading all the posts. I am new here but I feel some of you are describing what I have. I am diabetic and have neuropothy which causes a burning and tightness in the feet. But for the last 11 months I have been awakened about 3 times every night with an excruciating cramp in my left side. Sometimes it starts at my hip and goes down the side of my leg and then crosses over to the inside of my instep. It is a hot knifelike pain. The extreme knife like pain will go away in my leg if I get up and walk around or get in a hot shower. But the foot pain sometimes lasts for hours. Have seen 6 doctor from gp to orthopedic to neuro and pain clinic. Was sent to New Orleans to Tulane Med School. Saw umpteen doctors there. Did mysecond EMG (nerve test) think done by interns and they almost killed me. Stuck that needle hard and then shot the electricity bang bang. Finally Dr. came and told them to stop. But after all that Dr. said really didn't know - maybe would just go away by self.
Other said might be extension of neuropathy - or pinched nerve forgot the 3rd alternative. All three were just guesses.
Guess I am just going to have to lern to live with it.


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