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Hello :wave: Laura,

How are you feeling? Are you still suffering with sciatica since your surgery? I read in your signature that physical therapy helped you with strengthening back & stomach. I just wanted to ask you if it still hurts when you cough not that the muscles have been strengthened.

Thank you again for replying. Yes, my PC did rule out any conflicts with my meds and symptoms. I do not take any antidepressants. I had been taken Elavil and that is also used as an antidepressant and used for nerve pain among other things. My neuro had me stop that and has now put me on Zanaflex. I hate taking any new meds at this time. I never asked my neuro about the BMP because I thought he might get angry with me. I am going to ask my primary doctor at next visit about the BMP as that question won't bother him. I did try researching it on the web but can't seem to come up with anything as this is a new procedure.
I did go to the ER a couple of weeks ago. They just ruled out blood clots and also told me that I have anemia. Also had the echo and my heart is in great condition. So at least I am relieved that it is not caused by nothing major. My neuro has giving me a script to get a cat scan and I am going to get one this week. I understand all you said about the nerves and the pain. Someone even told me that the pain could also mean the nerves are coming alive and healing. I have just gotten worried over the swollen legs and feet as that can mean many different things. And I never had the burning feeling.. As all of us want nothing but to be pain free and get on with our lives.

You could not have given any better advice. I am going to try and find a way to be happy this weekend. As I am typing my husband is redoing my kitchen. He just purchased a new set of kitchen cabinets and is pulling out his hair installing them. He bought them from Home Depot and they come in a million pieces. I told him to read the instructions first. I already have a funny movie to watch.... my

Thank you very much for you help and have a great weekend.

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