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Re: Dr Problems
Sep 21, 2004
Hell Ricebird .
I have a great primary dr - she would do anything for me - She called every orthoaround here and could not find anybody to take me . She is the one that told me that i would have to go to dallas to find one .
That one down there was great on the first visit . He told me then that my numbness is coming from L5-S1 - but then on the next visit he was so rude . But he had time to call the one that dumped me between the visits .
My son has amass on his leg - another ortho thought it was a tumor - so we had to go get a mri done - went and got the results on that and it is a fibrous something that we are going to havetowatch the dr told him that he could go back to pe now - anyway he came home from school thursday in tears - the leg was hurting and the ankle was blue again - i took him back to the dr and he told me that my son is just doing this to get out of pe and was very mean to us - how can a kid make his ankle turn blue ? Anyway as i was checking out guess whos cards i saw at the check out ??? The dr that dumped me !!! I think they have all called each other !!! ( as you think )
I received a letter from the Texas Medical Board yesterday and they have contacted him . The letter says that they are doing a investigation .They gave me a paper that gives you the steps that they take - and it says that if they did not think that he did not do anything wrong then they would have already dimissed it .

The place that i have numbness is on the right calf and the right foot . The foot is the worse . I nearly fall sometimes . When i sit i have a shooting pain that goes down the right leg - all the way to the toes . My back ( where they took the hardware out ) burns and feels like a big ball of something back there . I can actually put my hand back there and feel a big round circle back there .My right thigh aches all of the time .

It is four am in the morning and i have been up all night with the pain .Just fixed me another ice pack - hoping that will help some.

I have all of my records .( except the ones from the pain dr - they wanted to charge me a $40 search fee - plus so much per page - plus a mailing fee - that all came to $74 and i just can not pay that .

got to go back and lay down and get this ice pack on my back . Shauna

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