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Thankyou so much for your replies. I had a laminectomy about 3 years ago for a very large herniation. I have to say that I would have surgery again for that too, because it helped immensely, so to the person who has one coming up, I wish you luck and think you will be happy with the results, and not having to live with constant pain. When I first injured myself, it was not from an accident or anything, it was from every day normal wear and tear and working at my job so I didn't know what was the matter and I first went to a chiro., then when I was still in so much pain, I thought he wasn't doing it right, and went to a physical therpist who had helped me after a car accident when i injured my neck years before. He claimed to me that i didn't have the symptoms of a herniated disk and worked on me for months and months, which helped with the pain but I could not stand for even 5 minutes, and I walked with my foot turned out and with a limp even after all this time. It was when I went back to my chiro. that he insisted I go to my regular doctor because he said I should have improved drastically by then. It was when my doctor then sent me to a neuro. and he immediately ordered an MRI amd told me I had a very large herniation and spinal stenosis, that I realized I should have had tests done sooner and the therapist should have recognized all of my symptoms and not been working on me without knowing what was wrong. I then went on to have the epidural injections with no relief, then surgery. Before the herniation, I had no trouble being on my feet, I always wondered if I had not waited 9 months to have surgery, if I would have the stenosis problem now, if that was brought on by my waiting so long. The surgery I had did help quite a bit, and I have no pain down my leg or limp, it is now the stenosis that is the problem. I have lived with back problems for 27 years so this is not something that can be treated with non surgical measures, as I have tried every one there is over all these years, surgery was my last resort, I had no choice. I have read everything I can on the stenosis, and once again, the only treatment that actually works is surgery. I am frustrated, I didn't have this standing problem before, the neuro. told me I had stenosis also after my MRI, so I also know it was not the surgery that caused it, but wonder if my 9 months of waiting while getting blindly treated, did. Thankyou for listening to me, it is nice to visit with others about this and not feel alone. BTW, I was told I have DDD, lumbar stenosis, the herniation and surgery for that, but I am now having problems with another disk as i recognize the symptoms, just not sure which one. I am going to apply for disability, because I don't know what else to do. Sitting here for too long bothers me too. Thanks so much.

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