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Had a microdiskectomy on July 1st and can walk again. As far as pain level, it seems the incision site is just now calming down and I can roll over without too much pain. It was hard to sleep.

Walking one hour a day in 30 min increments though slowly so as not to jar. Walking feels good.

Still have pain in buttock area, sometimes down leg, though none in spine Yay! Can walk again whereas before surgery could not. Coughing, sneezing and blowing the nose (from this flu) cause pain in the back, but i think mostly muscles as it's not in the spine.

So much for a 4-6 week recovery. From what I hear, it takes months if not a year or more for the pain to abate, especially if a nerve compression is involved (which I had).

Was it worth it? Yes, to regain use of leg and foot to walk again and to get rid of spine pain. keeping fingers crossed. Hard to be patient. Long recovery for me. Hope you don't.

If you had this surgery, what week are you in and how do you feel?

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