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Hi, I too have a synovial cyst at 4-5. I had it drained and it came back. My cyst is setting on the nerve and being pinched whenever I stand up and causing foot drop, and unbearable pain. I finally had the X-stop procedure where they insert a wedge type piece between the vertebrae which holds the vertebrae open eliminating the pinching of the nerve. I could tell there was immediate relief from the sciaticia upon waking from the surgery. I still have lower back pain below my waist, but I am not willing to have a fusion. So far I rely on pain meds, using an elec. wheelchair when shopping and walking only until I can't take the pain anylonger. The dr. told me the cyst grows from friction so hopefully by removing the cause of the friction, the cyst will not continue to grow.
I have had the epidurals, the nerve root injections, and a laminectomy/discotom, and the X-Stop Procedure. Each step has improved my condition somewhat, but I am still left with the lower back pain. I will check into the Dynesys procedure. Thank you.

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