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i would like to know if anyone is seeing a chiro for upper back problems and how it is helping you? i have been going for about 8 weeks now alot of my cervical and thoracic vertabrae is bad. my adjustments are 3 times a week and the real severe pain is gone but lately i have had a constant ache and i have to say i took muscle relaxers today! i was first diagnosed with thoracic arthritis from my m.d (without an x-ray) so i took myself to the chiro and he said it is not arthritis just alot of exposed nerves and so on. i think the exercised he has me doing is not helping at this pooint too soon i think. upper back is between shoulder blades and down to the bra line. well anyway what do i take to help tje pain or i should say the ache? any ideas??? : :rolleyes:

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