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Lots of answers by using `Search This Board' on 1st page @ far right page near top.
Click box & key in "emg" & go. Mentioned in 200+ posts. Google also "EMG TEST". Yes
it hurts sometimes depending on Dr. Don't let a tech do it! I expected it to hurt alot
frm what some here said. Pleasantly surprised when it was just a quick electric charge.
Upper neck was a zinger because that's where blockage was & volts tend to linger to
give accurate print-out. Was not horrible even in back between blades where I have
C5 impingement, `rt. hand numbs + shldr-joint hurts'. After doing alot of reading, I
think it's just a `to what degree' meter-test & done too often to watch us jump. If
something is numb, it's impingement frm spine or inflammation & can be seen on a nice
comfortable MRI w/ dye test. I bruised alot after @ sites. # of sites depends on what
your problem is. In my case, the jolt that hurt, actually was the electric charge shock
that broke up the nerve msg to my hand & now only 2 fingers tingle. For once, a gd-
side effect! A Nerve Conduction test done by patches glued dwn then electricity, was
done by tech & bothered me more. Think it was bad tech! Don't use meds before test.

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