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Hello there. Roolmo and TomL, I can relate to your situation so well. I too have back problems. I don't have what you have but I have Spondylosis and DDD in my L1-5. I also have it in the thoracic area as well. Not to mention DDD with Spondylosis in my C-spine along with nerve degeneration as well. Along with axonal neuropathy and hemangeoma on my L-3. As with yourself I have sciatic problems too. At times it can be very dibilitating. There are times when I can barely roll over in my own bed or get to the floor to reach my phone to call 911! ....when I can't move. I don't know if you've ever experience times like this with your sciatica. Have you? I've been told by my Pain Clinic doc and Neuro that my back is that of a 60yr old. That and they don't typically see what they do in someone of my age until they are in their 60's. I started having these problems in my mid 20's. I'll be 37 next month.
I also have Degenerative joint disease in both shoulders and my Sacroiliac Joint spaces are narrowing in both hips. Along with hips effusions bilaterally. Left ulnar neuropathy, migraines, Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, Ostepenia in my lumbar/hips,Fibromyalgia and Myofacial Pain Syndome. I feel like a walking medical disaster!!!
None of the pain meds I have help the pain. I have bone on bone pain, due to the desicated L-5 disk. I'm currently waiting for the VA to get the funding for my artificial disk for my surgery. I have my concerns about that surgery. Due to my Osteopenia and DDD. I'm in a catch 22 because I can't hardly stretch or do any weight baring exercises because of my back. Most of the time it's an effort just to bend over the sink to brush my teeth or put my shoes on. Of course being rear ended in Nov. of 04 only made things worse. Any suggestions for some sort of exercise? I have GOT to do something! I used to be so active in the Army. Now it's an effort just to do the housework. I vacuumed one day and it sent my neck into a flare and caused the right arm to go numb for 3 days. :eek: I don't see Rheumo until April. The VA is sooooooooooo backed up. :rolleyes: HELP PLEASE with any suggestions!

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