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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][QUOTE=missree]Hello Everyone,I'm new to this healthboard,so bear with me...

I am a 58 yr old female,and heavy set..I started having back problems in March,2004,when I slipped on some water at work and fell forward landing half on my left side and half on my back.Was taken to hospital,did x-ray,said no broken bones or slipped disk.

Sent me home with script for muscle relaxers and inti-inflamatory,and said to rest for 24 hrs,which I did,(had day off anyway).About 7 days later,went to get out of bed and had this excruciating sharp pain across the lower part of my back.

Called work told them I needed to see workmans comp Dr.Went to Dr,told him how I felt,and what had happened,did quick exam,gave bottle of 800 mg Ibuprophen and Generic brand of Darvocet.I took as directed.Put on paper as lower back strain.Went back in 1 week,I seemed to feel a little better.

Went back again 1 week later and discharged me with no work restictions.After a while of taking meds it didn't seem to work anymore.Went back to see Dr after almost 3 months,had to get approved from Workmans Comp first."I asked" to get an MRI to find out the root of the problem with my back.

Results of MRI showed compression at L1 of the superior end plate and degenerative changes,which was put in his report.Told me I had Arthiritis in my spine beside the compression,and it was stable.He put me on full duty at work,and discharged me,(I'm a dishwasher in a resturant inside of K-Mart).

Said to give it 2 more months and if I don't feel better or get worse to go back to see them,there was nothing else they could do for me..I was not getting better,no matter what I did,still got pain in lower back when I got out of bed,had to hold on to the wall to walk after a few minutes it was a little better,after standing for a while and then sitting down got sharp pain in lower back when getting up which went away after walking for a few minutes.

Same with bending down,upon standing straight from a bent position had sharp pain in lower back.Just went back again after 2 months can't stand being in this kind of pain. I asked DR if I could have physical therepy,went 3 times a week for 2 weeks seemd to help a little.Discharged me to MMI,said to forget about the compression,said it was healed and that I have arthritis and I will had pain the rest of my life as we all get that when we get older..

Iwas able to get copy of MRI results that they had it said;

Impression: 1-Degenerative disk disease,loss of disk space height and disk desiccation L5-S1 with concurrent disk buldge.These findings appear to be chronic..2-mild superior end plate compression L1,likely acute or subacute...

does that mean that the compression isn't that bad and the pain I'm having is more from the degenerative disk disease,which he said we all get as we get older? :confused:[/QUOTE][/COLOR]

Sounds like you need a second opinion. Take your MRI to another doctor. Call your OWCP worker and tell them that you want to change doctors. Follow this up with the correct form in writing.

When you fall, you could land on your tail bone, bruising it and it won't show, you could have torn a ligament, which won't show, or you could have whacked your SI joint, which might not show. SI dysfunction is usually caused by falls.

Go in there with big words and make them think that you mean buisness. Since you are OWCP they are trying to shake you loose. Don't let this happen. They will give you the run around but it is worth the fight.

DDD is normal with age

disk desiccation L5-S1 with concurrent disk buldge. means that you have loss of space and bulge is not bad.

The end plate compression is something to worry about.

Ask to see a Neurologist and get an EMG and see if a nerve is involved. Also, arthritis, though for life, can be treated with anit-inflammatory meds and a change in life style. I have it in my L4. I had Prolotherapy to shore up my ligaments so that they quit pulling on that disk.

You have to be your own advocate as no one else will do it for you. Go in with a take charge attitude and good luck. :) :)

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