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I need help figuring out why I am always in pain. I have had back pain for about 10 years and been to just about every type of Dr. I'm currently seeing pain management who is doing injections. I do have a small herniation in C6-7 and had surgery 2 years ago on hern. disc at L5-S1. I had MRI's done recently on both low back and neck and it only revealed the disc in my neck. It didn't show any bulging at L5, but I still have burning pain down the back of my leg. Don't get me wrong, the surgery did work, my pain level is much lower, but still there.
I'm just so tired of seeing different doctors and having them say there's nothing wrong, and I "just have a bad back". Well because I'm only 30 my pain dr. doesn't want me on meds long term so he wanted to try the injections. I had one in my neck about a week ago, and the pain might be a little better, but barely. And I'm scheduled to have another for my low back on Oct. 8th. He also doesn't think I'm a good surgery candidate, which is fine by me.
So I'm wondering if me or my doc's have missed something or if I do just have a bad back and will have to deal with it. It does affect my quality of living by making me moody and unable to keep up with my 2 young children. So I believe that if there are meds out there that can improve that, then that's what I should be doing, or am I wrong? Does anyone have any similar problems? What do you suggest I do next?

Thank you.

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