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Thank you for taking time to check out my post.

I was one of the lucky ones.. I came through my disk-o-gram with only minimal pain and virtually no memory of the proceedure.. The test was on Monday morning (yesterday).. and I was back at work today :eek:

I went to see my ortho at TBI that afternoon with the results (good thing I had a driver :angel: The here is what I learned.

I'm being referred to a thoracic spine surgeon to handle my case.. but the preliminary thoughts are that I will need a discectomy at t10-11, t11-12, t12-L1 and will be fused solid (360 degree) at each site. The other thought was that it could be done with VATS (video assisted thoracic surgery).

If you have been through this or know someone that has would you mind sharing your story with me.. what should I expect short term for recovery... I'm trying to manage expectation with work on being out.. how long was it before you could return to work... how long was it before you could drive?

Longer term... when did you start feeling back to yourself with managable pain (1's or 2's)?

Thanks in advance for the info!
Thanks for the words of encouragement... I couldn't agree more about the anxiety issue... I was a little freaked out about my diskography after reading others experiences.

When I woke up after the procedure not only did I not remember anything I didn't really suffer pain beyond what I'm accustomed too. Hmmm... the staff said I was a chatter box when they brought me back to consciousness for the pain provocation test and I can't remember a thing I said. Ya have to wonder what you say on "truth serium" :)

So... you comments and my experience has taught me a lesson. The many nuggets of info from this site have helped me in my research and enabled me to understand and converse a little better with my doc.

btw... I was told that if my thoracic specialist uses VATS (video assisted thoracic surgery) then the entry point will be through my ribs and back as opposed to my chest. not to sound morbid.. but you mentioned they entered anteriorly.. Did they have to crack open your rib cage? if so... ouch!

Hope you have a speedy recovery!

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