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Re: Frustrated.
Sep 22, 2004
thanks betty.I am all too familiar with referred pain, and b/c I have so many areas that are affected the docs don't really know what is causing what at this point. I don't see the neurosurgeon til oct fifth, that is when we will discuss the neck plan of action for my neck. I am more that willing to hope if the neck is somehow responsible, that I will deal with the low back stuff. But, I don't want to rule it out yet b/c I am afraid if we ignore the two bulges in my low back, and I go back to work with the neck "fixed" that I will be back in his office in a month and back on disability. I want to try and knock out every option of treatment and possible culprits as I can. My pain locations are as followed: (copied from my letter to the neurosurgeon)
Location of pain:
Neck, shoulders, arms, hands, upper back, clavicle and scapula areas, mid back, low back, lower pelvic region, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, feet. I have pain to right and left of incision site (L5-S1) and weakness of LLE.

Types of pain:
I have the following types of pain; burning, pinching, throbbing, aching, headaches, semi-shooting, tingling, popping, spasms, and catching pain.

Break down in locations of pain:
*Neck: stiffness, soreness, pain when lying, sitting, walking, bending over while sitting, and when driving. Pain radiates down to arms, hands and both shoulders. I also have pain in my clavicle and scapula areas, pain radiates to jaw as well as anterior and posterior areas of the neck. I have experienced tingling or numbness in my arms (though not frequent), but no loss of motor functions.
*Pelvic region: Prior to surgery in 2002, I had pain that felt like it was ovary related. I had an ultrasound that was negative. After sx, the pain went away. Around June, the pain returned.
*Hips/thighs/buttocks/: catching, burning, aching, pinching, not quite shooting, but similar (pain is not just located in one area of these locations. It “moves” around)..
*Lower extremities: muscle spasms in left thigh and calf, pain down outside of legs and feet, weakness of LLE, and left knee pain.
*Foot: Heels hurt a lot when I wake up in am and sometimes during the day. Same pain I may have when waking up after working a twelve hour shift the day before, yet I have not been working. Arches are sore as well.
*The pain in my back gets most severe to right and left of surgery site.

Sorry if that was long-just copied and pasted.
Well, I got my ESIs today, got another post about them :)

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