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Hello everyone, :wave:

Well I received a wonderfull phone call this morning that said that my anterior L5-S1 fusion was going to be approved by work comp. I am so happy to hear that I will actually be on the road to recovery finally. My question is this. My DR. is not using a hip bone graft, instead he is using something called bone morphogenetic protein (BMP). I have done some research on this and it says that people who have surgery utilizing the BMP instead of hip bone have a much higher percentage chance of returning to a hard labor type job, and of course none of that horrible pain from the graft site. This is very important to me since I am a Firefighter/Paramedic and would like to continue my profession. I also have a 6 week old, and a 17 month old daughter that I would love to have a very active lifestyle with ( camping, fishing, hiking etc....). Anyways, back to my question: has anyone hear had this procedure or heard any ups or downs to it. And yes, I would prefer the ADR but as we all know it is not FDA approved and work comp in not going to continue to pay me total temporary disability while I wait for it. I Wish!

PS. my surgery Is going to be on Friday October 1, 2004. I am so damn nervous and at the same time excited, thank God for Ativan.

Hope everyone is having a pain free day,


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