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thank you all so much. For my symptoms, well, this may get a little long:
Relating to my neck: Headaches, my neck hurts on all sides, my jaw hurts, my shoulders, both arms, hands. I have some tingling and numbness, though it subsides. I have scapula pain, upper shoulder(trapezoid) pain. Pain started this week in my left breast, and in the left clavicle areas. I also have some pain starting to go to the right side too.
Relating to my low back: Pinching and burning in my hips, buttocks and thighs. Pain down left leg to foot. Muscle spasms in the thigh and calf. Pain right at previous surgery site (L5-S1). Mid back and low back spasms, left knee pain. Sometimes I get pain in my groin and near left ovary (this happened previously when intial bulge happened, went away after surgery).
So that is about the gist of my symptoms. I get annoyed that everyone is ignoring my lower back, since they are SO SURE there is no nerve involvment. BUT, couldn't there be even if the nerve conduction and EMG were negative????? Just b/c there isn't noticeable damage, couldn't there be slight, or enough to make it painful? My EMG did show a pinched nerve at the Cervical level though, I am sure they will focus on that. I don't have one area though that hurts more than the other, which makes this even more difficult. I have not had relief from the epiderals yet, it will be seven days tomorrow, infact, the pain is present more now and more of the time. Before, sometimes I would go some time w/o pain, now it is constant. Annoying, bothersome, painful. So, I dont' know what will happen. I see the neurosurgeon on Monday and we will discuss what to do next. I honestly don't know what he will say, and I am scared too b/c I am not very strong when talking to doctors,especially when I am in pain and they don't agree with how I feel based on tests. I get frustrated, tongue tied and cry even. My husband was supposed to go with me to that visit, but he doesn't think he can go b/c it is a MONday and those are his work's busiest days. So, we'll see. I guess I will just do what I did before and write EVERYTHING down and give it to the doc.. He read it last time, so I am sure he'll do it again.

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