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Hi - new here and looking for help

I have idiopathic adult scoliosis with a large amount of pain (about 1 year). I have horrible pain in my upper back and left shoulder. I also have sciatica in my left leg. There are multiple trigger points in my upper and lower back.

I'm only 21 and I cannot seem to find anything that will make the pain better!!

I have tried physical therapy, hot/cold packs, massage therapy, chiropractors, traction, physiatry(dry needling and trigger point injections), epidural steroid injections, and so many meds(celebrex, robaxin, low dose TCA-elavil, mobic, valium, ultram), and I have been and will always exercise, strength train and swim.

I am at the point where sitting, standing, lying down, and walking make my left leg tingle and my back have all sorts of fun pain!?

My curve is 25 degrees upper thoracic, 8 degree rotation, and 7 degree compensatory curve lower thorarcic/lumbar. I know this is only a moderate case of scoliosis, but I need some sort of relief.

My doctor tells me that there is nothing else to do and that I am not a surgery candidate. I am too frustrated right now to believe that.

Does anyone else have a different opinion?

Thanks Jen

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