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Reflexes (DTR's)
Oct 3, 2004
Hi yall,
Apparently, I'm having problems with my DTR's (deep tendon reflexes). I was injured May of 2001. I have a hern. disk at L5/S1, bulging disk with tears L4/L5, DDD, Sciatica, SI Joint Dysfunction, something wrong with facet joints, and some spondy. I've experienced tingling, burning, numbness, plus the pain and giving away of the leg. I'm not receiving any treatment now... (reached MMI) and am only getting my monthly visit to family doc for checkup and meds. I've had 2 MRI's to confirm the above the last being Aug. '03, and an EMG 8 months after injury. At the last few visits, my doc seemed to pay special attention to the reflexes in both lower legs. I received the office notes on Friday for the last 3 months, and discovered the concern. In July, my leg reflexes were 2/4 (they are supposed to run 4/4). In August, they were 1/4, and again in Sept. 1/4. Apparently my doctor is quite concerned, as he told me that the moment I hear anything about allowed to see a surgeon, to let him know IMMEDIATELY. My question is... what might be causing this, as well as the possible outcome? I'm having a lot of trouble walking. Could this be permanent? Is it fixable? And, finally, is surgery about the only fix for this. I'm sorry that this turned out longer than expected, but I would certainly appreciate ANY and all help offered. Thank you,


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