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Lizf, there are different branches to the sciatic nerve. The control different parts of your leg. The symptoms you describe sound consistent with an L4,L5 herniation. I had a herniation that impinged my L4,L5 nerve root and I had awful hip pain, outer calf pain and the big toe and the one next to it burned. I also had diminished strength in my big toe. These are simple ways a doctor can narrow down what they are looking for. I would not be suprised for your MRI to show an L4,L5 herniation.

One other possibility is you may have a far lateral herniation one level below. For you this would be L5,L6. In a far lateral herniation, the disc ruptures out the side of the vertibrae and presses on the nerve after it has exited the vertibrae. This is actually what I had and it took almost a year and 2 MRIs for the docs to pinpoint it. I can relate to the pain you are feeling. Unfortunately about all you can do is get the MRI and see what it says. Have they recommended an EMG for you? This is also another test to see if a nerve is pinched. Good luck!


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