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Rabea Cage ?
Oct 18, 2004
Hello all,
I'm new to this board. Any help someone could give would be very much appreciated.

Due to a work injury in 8/99 I suffered a herniated disk at C6-7. Conservative treatment did not work so I ended up having a cervical disk fusion in 4/01. The neuro was suppose to use my hip bone for the fusion along with the titanium plate and screws, but forgot. Instead he used a bone from the bone bank. He forgot! I was not happy when I woke up from surgery. The months and years that have followed have not been easy. I've had all kinds of tests (MRI's, X-Rays, 2 Mylograms, epidurals, lysis of adhesions, facet blocks & a Rizodomy? to name a few). This entire time living in pain and have associated problems develop (GI, Psy). My life has forever changed.

Knowing that something was not right after being told by my neuro that nothing shows up on any of these tests to support another surgery, I pressed on against WC. I fought to have a second opinion from another neuro. I took forever even with my atty. Finally, in 9/04 I saw a new doctor and he told me that my fusion failed! He read my reports and said that this was evident as far back as 10/01! Here I am walking around for 3 1/2 years in horrible paid with an unfused neck! It's caused problems now above and below c6-7. Sometimes when the pain is so bad in my throat I press on the "hot" spot to try and relieve the sharpness of the pain. Needless to say, I have headaches, neck, shoulder, upper and lower back pain and pain down my arms to my hands and fingers. I'm on all kinds of meds. I'm on the pain patch and suck on Actiq pain pops for my break through pain. It's the pits...

Now that you have some of my history I'm hoping someone has some feedback for me. The new neuro I saw says that he would suggest that I have another surgery where he would talk out the old hardware from my neck and place a "Rabea Cage" between the C6-7 vertabrae. Once he's in my neck, he would then decide if he would also put back the plate and screws.

At this point I'm scared. I'm 39 years old now and have two little girls with my beautiful wife. I no longer work because of my pain. I lost my job of 19 years at Amex. It makes me so angry at what I've become. What if this cage does not lead to a successful fusion? What are my alternatives then? Are my odds lessoned because my injury is old? Has anyone out there ever had a revision 2nd surgery using this cage? My disks above and below C6-7 are bulging. The doctor says he would not do anything for them or the stenosis I have with some of the nerve roots. I would think that he'd want to take care of those disks as well?

Please share with me your story or if you can answer any of my questions I'd greatly appreciate it.

Best Regards and Thanks!

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