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I too was a part of the same study and can attest that the "Maverick Disc Replacement" was not successful. I had my surgery in Oct. of 2005 and I had relief instantaneiously but that was very short lived. I suffered from a complication from the surgery and have lost my left testicle as it had swelled three times the size as the other and in order to check to make sure it was not cancer they had to remove it. Now I am pretty much useless with groin, left leg and lower back pain and it is funny the symptoms you describe is very similar to mine. I have had four injections with no success and now I have a nerve stimulator permanently in my buttocks and what a literal pain in the BUTT! Also not having much luck with that as the stimulator sends stimualation down my arms and in my hands to where it makes my hands feel as if they were asleep. My accident was job related so not only do I have to deal with the physical pain I have to deal with the harrassment of the insurance company. Many of my doctors have thrown up theior arms and said "Sorry, this is something you're going to have to live with!" I had the company's doctor tell me today he would like to know why I need to take all the pain medication I take. I really felt like kicking him in the balls and saying that doesn't hurt does it?:confused:

Keep in touch, I am glad to have someone to relate to.:cool:

[QUOTE=briley]Hello all: It has been a while since I have posted anything on these boards and I thought I would give an update on my post op. I had degenerated disc at the L5-S1 area and after lots of research and doctors, I decided to go into an FDA study and have the Maverick disc. This was 10 months ago. I do not regret having the surgery itself, however, I am still in excruciating pain in my legs and feet (primarily the left leg and foot). I corresponded with a person on another board and she described her pain symptoms exactly like mine. Every little minor chore that I undertake causes back pain and soreness, but the constant burning pain in my legs, butt, and feet is what is so frustrating. They hurt EVERYDAY, almost ALL DAY LONG. I do sit at a computer 8 hours a day which is probably the culprit causing all the pain. The nerves just cannot get well. I was told that this could go on forever or that it might take up to two years for the nerves to heal themselves. At times, I can be standing up having a conversation and my left thigh will go completely NUMB. You could stick a pin or knife in it and I would not feel a thing! Amazing! I would like to hear from someone who has had disc replacement surgery and how things are progressing for you or not. Good luck to everyone who suffers with back problems. Peoplel just don't have a clue of the immense pain we have unless they have been there themselves. Sorry this post was so lengthy.[/QUOTE]

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