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To all who have inquired for information regarding my recovery and about the Maverick disc. Go to: and click on research and you will see links to artificial discs. There you can read all about the several discs that are being studied for back surgery. My surgery was the week before Christmas last year which was not very convenient for me to say the least, but we wanted to get it in before the New Year when insurance deductibles would start anew! I was cut down the front of my lower abdomen - one scar. I was kept in intensive care for a day and night then moved to a private room where they got me up the very next day for a shower. I was horrified! My stay in the hospital was 5 full days. I was taught specific ways to get out of bed, to walk and how not to bend, etc. I was at home all of January and went back to work the second week of Feburary. I wish now I had stayed home a little longer because as soon as I got back to work I found myself sitting for long periods, which, as I mentioned earlier, hinders the nerves from healing. I walked on a treadmill for a mile a day during all that time. I work in higher education and now that the fall semester has kicked in, I am at my desk for a full 8 hours a day. And yes, I do get up out of my seat numerous times during the day to take breaks. But when you are busy working you don't realize how much time has lapsed; you find yourself sitting for a couple of hours without getting up. My boss has been very understanding of my condition. However, if I did not have to work, I wouldn't. All that being said, I feel as though I am not much better off than before surgery. I am not against the artifical discs at all, I am only frustrated that I am still in lots of pain at this time (10 months after surgery). Everyone tells me to be patient - to give it time. I do hate to complain constantly, and I know my husband dreads every day to ask me how I feel. Because the answer is the same - my butt, legs and feet hurt! I wish I could offer encouragement to all back suffers out there but from all I hear, once you have a back problem - you always have a back problem. Oh well, I am just thankful that I can still walk and function on a daily basis. I just wish I was pain free so that I could enjoy my life and family. Good luck to all of you.

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