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There are studies done on these patches. They are easy to find on google search engine. There is even a complete history of who invented them and why, shingles.

The studies are compelling. If they really worked below the surface, we would see people every where wearing them. Again, 93% stays in the patch and only 2 to 3% goes into the skin. That is the surface skin, not the layers beneath.

Most of us are familiar with lidocaine, sort of the same thing, that the dentist uses to numb our gums before the shots. If the lidocaine worked below the surface, then the shots would not be neccessary.

Same with any minor surgery or stitches. They use a topical agent such as this to numb the area. If they need to go below the surface, they use shots. They can use lidocaine in a needle and do use it with the ESI shots.

Derm stand for skin. That is why it is lidoderm.

Just think, if we could cure all of our pains with these patches, then we could cover our entire body with them.

I think that whoever is prescribing them in such quantities at this, is doing our health care system and the insurance companies a great injustice. My doctor sheepishly told me when he prescribed mine that it was a 50/50 chance and that he wanted to give it a try. Mine was for these cysts that are just below the surface. He was hoping that the pain of those would go away as well as the SI pain. The pharmacist gawfawed. My insurance balked. I received no relief beyond numb skin on my back.

The true test is that when you put something on your skin, you can usually taste it in your mouth if it enters the blood stream. This one doesn't even enter the blood stream.

But, if you feel that you are getting relief from these, I say, more power to you. I would corner my doctor though, and educate yourself on Lidoderm.

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