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Cowgrrl, I always assumed it was the neurontin that made me goofy. It definitely has an effect on my life. I have a real hard time remembering peoples names most of all. I have begun making lists and taking notes and keeping them close by to remind me of things. Now if only I can remember to keep my notes nearby.

It is funny that here in the United States, we complain about the cost of health care, prescription drugs and things like that but we don't appreciate the speed we are able to get tests and results. I remember how aggrivated I was when the neuro took a week to call me about my MRI. I actually knew the tech and got to look at my films even before a radiologist did. Even I could see what was wrong.

As for the difference between a CAT and an MRI, I am not sure. I know an MRI uses magnets to line up I think, hydrogen atoms in the body making images of soft tissue. I think a CAT scan is an older test that uses radiation at low doses to try to see soft tissue. I am guessing you will be injected with a dye that shows up better on the CAT scan. Both are useful in diagnosing soft tissue injuries that X-rays cannot.

Let me know what you find out. It is just one more step to getting better.


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