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Hi Marcia,

Well, to know exactly what's causing my pain, that's something we're not sure of. My MRI and X-rays came back normal. I have a follow up appointment on the 18th. My pain is in my back (lower back) and the pain goes into the hip,buttock,legs and feet. The nurse that told me the results of the MRI said that it could be sciatica from possibly a pinced nerve. What bothers me about that is it actually feels like bones are crushing when I move. How can that be a pinched nerve? I've never heard of a pinched nerve with that type of pain. It can be dull aches and other times it sharp shooting pain. When I move, that's when it really hurts. It wasn't so bad yesterday, but today it's a little worse. I even thought of a strain but to feel like it's actually a bone, well, I don't know. I was suggested by someone else on here as to what tests could be done now after MRI was okay. She suggested a discogram? Did I spell that right?! When the doctor used the hammer on the back of my ankles, there was no response. Didn't move at all. Also, when he ran, and I'm not sure what instrument it was, but he ran it on the bottom of my foot, still no response. And I'm very tickelish on my feet, still no response...

I'm at a loss not knowing what's actually causing the pain, so I'm taking meds for something that's probably not what I need. I know they don't help, that's for sure. I'm on Darvocet, Naprosyn, and Robaxin... Have you ever taken any of these?

Well, I gotta go... Trying to get on with this painful day... Keep me posted on how you're doing!

P.S. Thanks for your response!!
Aloha Kay,:wave:

I hope you don’t mind me jumping in here…oops, too late. Anyway, I certainly do not want to dis feelbad as she (he?) presents a good argument, I just wanted to give my opinion. I hope we all agree that we can disagree, this being a time that I disagree (sorry feelbad).

Kay, when you had written about your doctor being unable to find any reflexes or feelings on the bottom of your foot, I immediately could relate. I, being a little over 8 months post-op am having the same results when my doctor checks these things on my right leg. I am still having nerve pain, tingling and numbness in my lower right leg and foot. So, my point is…these are definite symptoms of a pinched, impinged or damaged nerve. I also had an MRI a couple of weeks ago (you may have read my report, I did post it), and it was inconclusive, meaning that nothing showed up in the MRI that would be an obvious culprit for the symptoms.

I don’t think a discogram would be an appropriate test as far as what you have posted as far as symptoms are concerned. I would think that a myelogram or EMG would be more suitable, this is what I’ll probably be having in the very near future myself. Discogenic pain symptoms are very different than radicular pain symptoms and it definitely sounds like you are experiencing nerve pain and not autonomic hyperreflexia. The latter being a more serious condition would be a little easier to diagnose, now I didn’t say easy, I said easier to diagnose, all nerve related issues can be a bear to pin down.

Getting back to your legs shaking, mine still do this to a certain extent, as do my arms when I'm on all fours doing the extensions. I went to PT for a few months, now I am in OT and am feeling much stronger than before, but when you are out of commission with back or neck pain, you muscles retreat. It takes much less time for your muscles to get out of shape than it does to bring them back, and once you do bring them back you will need to maintain them daily for the rest of your life, that is unless you want this pain thing to stay with you (sometimes this is so unavoidable, I am sure that I will have some pain for the rest of my life) but a good exercise program is crucial for every thing to work right, and I mean everything.

OK, now to you leg jerking when you bring it down from a lift. I would think that this also is related to your muscle atrophy, if your muscles aren’t strong enough to keep your bones where they should be, your leg is probably clunking or jerking in your hip area, I have a lot of this clunking and jerking going on when I do leg lifts or knee to stomach lifts, or even while walking if my stride goes to far. It does seam to be getting better with exercise though.
A lot of people do not like this med, but I have had good success with it and that is Neurontin. My doctor had tapered the dosage a couple of months ago to see if the time was right, well the time was not right and my nerve pain went nuts. He increased it a little over the dosage I was at when we tapered and it calmed down, so I know it is working for me. But alas…everyone is different. I hope they find the right test to find out what is going wrong and I hope that you get the relief you deserve very soon, Good Luck and God Bless.


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