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Re: Scaroiliitis
Dec 1, 2004
Just back from my doctor. I was so happy to get some kind of closure that I literally stood there thanking him and shaking his hand for at least three minutes.

He was so surprized that I had been told all along that it was just the ligament from some doctors and some who said that it was cysts. The cysts were a load of horse do do. They are there, but everyone has them or gets them.

At first he was a little leary of me because when I took off all of my layers, it is WAY cold where we live, I was small. He said that most back pain sufferers are a bit overweight and the abs leads to most back problems.

My spine is fine. Whew!!!! Sure, I have a little arthritis in my L3/L4 but the progression of that was stopped with Prolotherapy. No more looseness back there. That is the lead in to answer your question. Loose is great, but only some looseness. If you are overloose, there is slop and that is not good. I had one PT who told me that PT's and orthos look to their future of their kids, their college funds through treating patients who are too lose and end up with bad backs. There is a happy medium. Tight Abs, and looser ligaments, but not too lose. Only people who are double jointed don't end up with back problems if they get too loose.

As for sitting Indian Style, (yoga pose) I do it every day because it rounds off the ends of the hip joints. People who practice sitting Indian style or people from India don't end up with many cases of arthritis in the hips because they round the hip joint out. We, as Americans, seem to only go up and down, a straight motion. That can lead to bad hips. Hip replacements are virtually unheard of in countries where they squat and sit Indian style. That should be good for you.

So, the doc tells me to unlayer. As he does so, he distracts me and just touches the SI joint. It is right under the skin. I about jumped out of my skin. I am scheduled to see the injection guy and am going to go to the hospital and have a ESI in the joint under Demoral with a flourascope. I didn't ask for any pain meds. I don't want to do anything that will inflame it anymore than it already is. It has been inflamed now for almost twenty months. The guy could not understand how I took it this long. I told him that I had been through natural child birth three times. This has been about the same. After awhile I learned to live with it.

The SI is a much overlooked problem. You have to actually ask the doctor about it and be informed. Mine was pretty obvious all along but what they were not hearing when I told them that it was a work injury, was that I was a private pay patient and was willing to pay. They saw WC and gave me the run around until today. I picked up the model and showed him where it hurt. I wish that this had been this easy months and months ago.

I will have the shots done, two sessions, and then Prolo again as a tune-up. If it is still a problem, then I will have them fuse the joint. This is cutting into my walking time, which is one of my favorite hobbies, but sometimes life hands you lemons and you have to make lemonaide. I guess that I will change from walking to swimming.

Since your SI just started hurting, step back from anything that will inflame it. It sounds like you are in good physical health and trying to do everything right. See if you can make an appointment to see a DO and get adjusted. Your pelvis might be out of adjustment. I hope that it is this simple for you. If you are too loose, nothing will tighten you back up but Prolotherapy or surgery to shorten the ligaments.

My SI joint moved because I pushed on something that didn't move. I tweaked it. Having loose ligaments was a side issue. Also, I tore the ligament when I was injured. Those are hard to tear. They are some of the strongest ligaments in your body. But, with over stretching, they can become loose, and that is not good.

Stick to poses that you feel comfortable with for a couple of months and see if that helps. I do Yoga but avoid any movements that only use one side of my pelvis at a time and I can never twist, bend at the waist or bring my knee to my chest. Those are not good for SI sufferers.

Hope that this helped.

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