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[QUOTE=toddh64]I am 70 days post op and still have leg/ butt pain. I know that it happens, but I'm interested in hearing any other info others may have. It is difficult to be patient (as most of you know). I am interested in the "good" and "bad" info.


Sciatic pain set in 05/03
tried chiro/ pt/ shots/ vaxd & nothing helped
microdisc. 9/01/04
pain remains[/QUOTE]

Hi Todd..... I had a Discectomy/Laminectomy at L5-S1 back on June 2, 04..... I still have back, butt, and leg pain... sometimes worse then before surgery... have had Epidural Injections...Myelogram, MRI's, EMG/NCV, Now they are talking about doing a Nerve Root Stimulator Implant... I was told that mine is most likely permenant nerve damage from the compression I had on the nerve before sciatic pain started around December 2003.... Sorry this isnt the good info you are looking for... Hope yours turns out better... Good luck to you.

Hey I had my surgery 6 weeks ago L5 - S1 and the my leg pain went away after about 4 weeks its on and of now when I sit nothing compared to what it was. The pain is in the hamstring area if I have to deal with this its not a problem compared to what it was I hope this helps
I had the intense nerve pain starting 6 days after surgery until about 6 weeks afterwards. It did eventually go away, coming less frequently and easier intensity. Now 6 months later it has been gone completely for over 4 months.

The first time I got it was after a sneeze, and it scared me like crazy. But the disc wasn't herniated, just very sensitive.

I actually got it mostly when trying to stand out of bed... I was fine once standing or when laying down. So I'd get up and not lay down again for a few hours (sitting was out of the question). Near the end of the pain, I found getting out on the opposite side of the bed helped a lot (think getting out on the right compressed the nerve).

My doctor says some people never get it and for some it lasts two years. It WILL go away, someday.
I had a micro on the L5-S1 10 years ago 12-17-94. I had a lot less back pain and leg pain after my surgery, but as far as significant relif it took about 9 months. The best think I did was to simply walk and walk and walk. This did me a lot more good than any PT or anything else.
It took about 6 months for my leg pain to finally quiet down. I did take Celebrex at about the 2 month mark, which really seemed to help. In the meantime I have rehurniated & now am faced with another surgery. Be sure to keep your back strong & do those exercises!
Carol W.

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