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I think that the Percocet is stronger. But the 10 of Hydrocodone is pretty strong too. Actually now that I think about it, I'd say they are pretty close! Jeeze, now that got me wondering.
I didn't get much to knock me out during my disco. All I know is it HURT really bad. I was sobbing as soon as he stuck the first bad one. I mean, SOBBING. I couldn't even breath b/c my nose was all stopped up and I was on my tummy. It was the worst pain I have ever had. I couldn't even position myself on the recover bed without them moving me. The PM doc who did the test said they def need work. On the xray, you can't see any dye in the two bad discs. I guess I could always pick up a copy of the report myself. Atleast I would know something before I go in thursday.

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