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God you poor thing, sounds terrible. Firstly i would do the same as mentioned above, get onto your doctor and make a pain of your self until you get an answer on the xrays . Also xrays will only show up bone not tissue or discs or anything so i suggest when speaking to the doctor get him to send you for a MRI scan which will show muscles and nerves incase any damage done to them too. I would not go back to work, you could do something to agrivate the situation and make things a lot worse.
Laying on your side with your knees bent at a right angle with a pillow in between them may help with the pain. When getting on and off the bed turn on your side facing the side you want to get out of with your knees bent then as you push up sideways from the bed swing your legs over the edge. Do not sit upright in bed first and spin around,this will put strain on your lower back. Make sure you lie on a firm not hard base and do not lie on a soft sofa. I will be better for you to sit on a dining table chair than the sofa. you can always roll up a hand towel and put it behind your back just above your hips to support your lower back (Lumbar).

Hope this is of some use, and you get things sorted soon


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