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Like others have said you need clothes you are comfortable in - I took shorts, tracksuit, thongs- flip flops/ugg boots. You will ned the usual personal toiletries and perhaps a good book or a magazine to help past the time of day away

Post op experinces are very individual. Mine were not very positive. I had 3 operations in the space of 5 months. The third was the double fusion at L4/L5, L5/S1. Following surgery and a very slow recovery it was discoverd that I was suffering from glandular feaver and had infact been so when the surgery was done. It took me many many months to get back on track and all most 12 months to recove well enough to return to work.

Its been 14 years now and while I have had some ups and downs and the difficulty I now face as of yesterday (CT scan following an increase in leg pain) is a bulge at L3/4. I do have graft site pain where they took bone to fuse my spine but thats bearable. While this sound a bt overwhelming remember that this was done 14 years ago and spinal surgery has come a long way since then. I no many people who have had very succesful fusions and live a very normal life. A friend of the family is a carpenter and it ceratinly has n ot slowed him down.

My biggest regret is not diciplining myself to maintain a strict resume of exercises despite feeling good. Its very easy to get complascent and or become forgetfull. I guess I did and am paying the price now. I guess what I am saying is do as the Dr says, remember that its not a race and that "slow and steady wins the race" and be dispilined

You will be fine, be positive, if you have a strong faith in God pray or have other pray for you

All the very best


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