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About 10 years ago (I'm 18 now), during football, I injured my back. I saw a Chiropractor, that said I had 'jammed' some of my vertebrae together, and I had several appointments to correct this.

Fastfoward then-3 months ago..always had pain in lower(lumbar region) of my spine/back. Walking through malls, grocery stores, anything. I could run without pain, but walking got me. Especially on hard surfaces, like the concrete floors at Home Depot.

3 months ago I was lifting a cast-iron bathtub with a friend (420lbs), and I nearly dropped it, so I tensed up my back in order not to..which didn't cause a sharp pain, but rather a dull pain that kept intensifying afterwards. Like a bad ache for a day or two. Week later I was playing with my nephew, I stood up..and BOOM, sharp pain, lower back. To the point I nearly threw up. I couldn't walk, sit, and even laying hurt. Finally went to the ER, where..he said "you didnt break your back, so no x-rays need to be taken..and MRI are outpatient only." He gave me pain meds, and refered me to my family doctor.

My family doc, gave me a bunch of NSAIDs, and more Percodan. At this point I couldnt feel my leg below the knee, and above it..horrible sciatica. No back pain after the sciatica started, odd, eh? I had two huge knots on both sides of my spine, he said was from stress. Feeling came back in my leg, and burning went away after two weeks.

Now though, I've been getting a lot of dull pain again, and even more knots. I don't have health insurance, so I don't know what needs to be done. If you could offer me any advice on who/what to see, how much it would cost, and what injury I could possibly have..I would be very very grateful. It's kind of worrying me at this point..I don't want to ruin myself for life or anything...and no more pain would be nice.

Sorry about the length, I just tried to include everything I could think of.

Oh..and P.s. - I was an avid runner a year before the injury, I had actually lost 50lbs by running and good diet. I ran 3 miles every other day, at a fairly slow pace..and got up to about 5 miles every two days, and walking one of my off days. I wore good shoes, and never had back pain while running. I'm 18, 195lbs, and 6'1", if that matters.

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