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[QUOTE=cookie51]HI ,
I am on w/c and just had an evaluation, and they put you thru a series of tasks, like lifting, using stairs,pushing and pulling etc. They just want to see what your limitaions are for going back to work. I agree with carls message, and can add dont take meds. before test, let them see what your pain is really like.
Good luck

Ok, so then my next question is, I have not been actually released by the surgeon that did my surgery to be able to lift more then push and pull, etc... I am still on my restrictions, and all the other doctors I have seen between now and then have told me to continue to follow those restrictions, So how much do they have you lift? And are they allowed to have you lift more then your limit or restrictions? I am not going to do that and make myself hurt worse..... If they want you to bend over and pick something up and you can't, do you just say... "I can't do that!" because I can not bend at the waist, I can not stoop, or squat, because the pain in my legs gets worse....I am to the point now I am walking with a cane because my pain is so bad....What do I do when the pain is to the point I cant tolerate it, Do I tell them I am stopping because I can't do it? Thats the worry I have, I AM NOT going to push myself into more pain and make it worse or chance hurting myself more just for their stupid evaluation....Thanks for your response... really appreciate it...Will keep ya informed...

Take Care.

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