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Well, you sound very close to my prob's...

The 15 th I am having the hardware removed- 1998- from my fusion at the L4, L5, S1 AREA. the reason being is pretty much what you described on the pain.
I also had a fusion done on my cervical done thru the front in 2000. I also had alot of constant pain in my back and chest between my shoulder blades.
( which is why we did the upper fusion but it did'nt get it)..
Then this year we found 4 bone spurs cutting thru muscles--
Shoulder specialist took those out --so figured maybe that was the pain between the blade but after doing rehab on my shoulder neck area it would cause pain down my whole right side from neck to low back-so I quitt the rehab and my back calmed down but now I think its all still locked and spasming all the time anyway from not doing rehab.

So in the mean time my lower back is hurting more about the size of a burning football as opposed to a burning softball
I also was whipped lashed about 6 months ago which i think just makes it act worse. But the lower has beeen consistantly Bad for 6 months or more and it feels like alot of the connecting musles are leadin to my lumbar so with my new doc who i have been checking in with regular for 3 years is going to take the lower out next week.
I guess after all my experience and other doctors and test and treatments and Chiropractors and yadda yadda it falls on me to decide when, Thats one reason I like this doc is he has told me to wait untill it bothered me and he was'nt pushy...My 1st doc was running cattle call thru there. all the steriod treatments did'nt help mine. Hey but thats whats so crazy about all this no one is the same....Yikes...I think for me -(I hope) Is it makes sense that after me overprotecting for everything maybe my spine has shifted or grew different and maybe the hardware is impinging on something....All I just said is me and the way I've coped ..alot of denial and staying positive--6 and 4 year old gotta keep up-lol
Hang in- cya Willis

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