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I have had many back problems over the years, but I am having it in the same area as you now! I have pain from my back, between my shoulder blades, down my left arm, to the wrist & hand. It's a horrible burning pain. I'm on anti-inflamatories & seeing a chiro, one time it gets better, the next time I see her it's worse again. Also, burns around my arm pit where the skin is tender & that is the worst. I've been in PT had all kinds of tests & not ready at all to try surgery.
I am also taking vicodin for pain, but most times it doesn't do much for it. I live in 24/7 pain again, you'd think I'd be used to it after having a herniated disc that sent pain down my leg 24/7 five years ago, but there is no getting used to chronic, daily pain! I dont' know what I am going to do next, but with Xmas so close I just wanted to be better for the grandkids & now I'M NOT!! I spent most of today crying. You're not alone!!

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