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Hi Mel, Freud would have a field day with me too...LOL Isn't there alot of money in dream analysis? *giggles*! As far as your leg goes, I would address it as soon as possible with your Doctors. My leg, thigh, calf, ankle and foot was not causing me nearly as much pain prior to surgery, just pressure, burning and painful numbness (if you can relate to that), but as soon as they had me on my feet after sugery, my whole leg was - - - - - - ! Much different kind of pain, non-stop and brings me to tears as soon as I move it in the morning or anytime. Intense pressure, burning is an understatement and cant stand on it for more than 5 minutes now:( What gives?
In my circumstance, my nerve was sooo mangled and compressed for so long, they dont know if there will be any improvement. Once a nerve is's dead! Thats my biggest fear!

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