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Hi all

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]For those who dont know I recently was diagnosed with a bulge at L3/L4 having previously had surgery in 1990 (spinal fusion at L4/L5 and L5/S1).

After resting for a week or 2 I commenced hydroherpay and within weeks had made excellent progress. I had reduced my pain meds and was well on the way to recovery or so I thought. Unfortunatley this week things have detiorated significantly and I am unable to explain why. Then as I went to sit down two days ago I stepped sideways and it was though an elastic band snapped. Pain shot down from my back threw my butoch and into my thigh, calf and foot. I have had to increase my pain meds sigificantly. I dont appear to have any weakness in my legs but walking is painful - feet and legs - referred nerve pain. I know there is little I can do but start again and remain as positive as I can. I just needed to express my feelings of frustration and dissapointment to those of you who can relate to and understand how I am feeling. Thanks for listening

Losy [/COLOR] :yawn: :confused:

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