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I feel better, though I could feel better than I do if I hadn't done the shopping thing. We just had to get out of the house. SO, we went to the mall, and got a wheel chair. I would push it then sit in it and rotate that. I was out for about four total hours. I will not lie, it hurt, though, not like you'd think. It was more of a tiring hurt, like i was just tired of standing and needed to lie down. My incisions are totally healed. I woke up, took pain meds then stayed in bed for some time. Then, I took a shower and when I was finished getting ready, chilled in the recliner for a bit. I took some more pain meds then ventured out to the car. We recline the front seat all the way back. If we weren't able to do that, I would not have left the house. I can't stand in one place to save my life, and I have to keep moving. If I get bored or there is a lulle, then pain sets in. If I needed to, hubby would have helped me out to the car to rest. I did okay, with the help of the pain meds and so on. My body was screaming to me to lie down when we got home, I rushed to get in the door, stripped off my jeans (yes, I wore jeans) got into my pj's and laid down with ice on two spots and my pillows placed. In bed I stayed until this morning. We decided to go out again since I really wasn't HURTING. It was more uncomfortable than anything else, with a tad bit of real pain. We weren't out quite as long today, two hours max. Same thing though when we got home. I am much more chipper though-the pain is no longer controlling me or keeping me at bay. My abdominal incision is the irritated one. It is numb in and around the scar, but there is a burning soreness at the top side and at my groin/pelvic region. My back incision, is great. Sore when pressed on, but I don't really notice it anymore. The two real sore spots, seem to be nerve soreness actually. Hubby rubs the areas, but it won't subside, there is no muscle there. It is the area of the backside of the pelvic bone, the two flat parts of the upper "hip". I ice those down along with my belly. I get these sharp peircing pains still in my groin though, I honestly have no idea what that is. I am showering by myself now, I use my reacher to dry my legs :)
I still can't stand much in one spot and I need either my walker or a wc to lean on. I just get sore and tired from standing upright.
Sex has now occured three times, and I will say honestly, it eases the pain, seriously, it does. I almost feel like a hundred bucks afterwards, so strange, and sorry if TMI.
I am not watching the clock anymore for pain meds and I sleep through the night and am not screaming for my meds when I first wake up.
I use ice packs and the heating pad. Tomorrow, we will go to one store and then Monday maybe a store. I do NOT plan on being out for more than an hour, or lets say, an hour of being upright, which excludes the car ride. Thank God by the way for the Oh S&&& handles.
I actually bought a pair of jeans today. Hubby went in dressing room with me to help me try them on, it was too sweet.
So, I have two more doses of steroids and I will be done. I am now just waiting for the little sharp pains to cease along with those strange areas that seem to always hurt and I don't know why.
So, I honestly can say, I have no right to whine anylonger since I did all this the past two days, so if I do, send me a virtual smack on the butt. If I hurt the next few days, it is soley my FAULT, but I am glad I did it. I got to go out to dinner, lunch, shop and wear semi real clothing along with makeup to boot. I am much happier now as well. I know I still have a long way to go, and I know I may have pushed it this weekend, but I am glad I did. We had a quiet new years, watched a couple of movies (Pet Semetary and American Psycho ((the second one we aren't sure about yet, kind of ODD) and we caught the fire works from the strip from our apt complex. It lasted eight mins. we took the chihuahua out with us-I was only able to stand out there for maybe five mins before I was ready to "run" inside. It was pretty neat to say I lived in Vegas for the centennial anniversary. Then, not ten mins later, a blackout occured in about five hotels from a balloon hitting a power line. Go figure.
It doesn't kill me either when Pip decides to run over my tummy, I can cough, though the sneeze this morning SUCKED. BMs are NOT FUN, and though I feel better after, I hate the whole process!!!!!!!!!! Lesson-take those stool softners!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, that is all for now. I really appreciate all the support and the reminders that all of this is normal and it soon will pass. I think I have passed through phase one finally.
Thank you all and i hope you all had a great new year as well. let's hope 2005 is good.
Oh, I had a anterior posterior two level interbody fusion on Dec. 15. L4-S1.

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