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Hey!!i see alot of ppl have magor problems and i am soo sorry i hope the best for all of you. My back problem began after the birth of my 3rd son..the epidural was placed twice in the wrong spot. i also had to epidurals before so know there is a risk of backaches from these epidurals but they have always been mimimal and a couple advil and i am ok.Now tho the backache is almost constant and gets severe..if i stand too long..sit too long...lay in bed too long.i need to take breaks just washing a few dishes.i am only 31!!!! i acquired high blodd pressure with my last pregnancy and take prozac due to post parten depression.....the bottle says not to combine with ibuprofen.i soak in the hot tub put a cold rag on it rub with ben gay.It also causes my leg to go numb..i can feel the exact spots he tried to put the epidurals my leg will buckle at times???i have not talked to my reg. doc about this yet and i guess thats where i need to start.I am scared to death of having back husband was against the epidural to begin with....but i promised him it would be ok since i had the 2 succesful ones/ i was wrong.i did not expect it to hurt this bad nor have my right leg go numb and try to buckle???how did this happen if he couldnt even place the epidural or is it because he hit the wrong spots??will it get better?? i want something for the pain what do ppl take for severe back pain.....5 ibuprofen do not touch it nor goody powder nor ultracet???sorry to sound like such a baby!!!!!can anyone relate or tell me why this is happening??? i do plan to make an appointment with my doc because it has been months and has only gotten worse and i was hoping it would go away or ease off . sorry this got so long!!i do appreciate anyone who hung in there and read it all and respond!!!

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