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Thanks, Hunni. I take a diuretic every morning (for blood pressure)... I'll start noticing if there is any difference in different times of the day. It does seem that the pain is worse at night... but all pain seems worse at night, doesn't it? It hurts to actually massage the toe or foot on the left side... just sends more pain into the toe. Or were you thinking massage on back or leg? Another friend with similar problem says that she soaks in a warm bath. I can't do that yet because my bone graft incision still has a small area which is open (yes, after ten weeks). This new wrinkle is coming at a time when I am trying to get off the hydrocodone completely, but I still am needing some at night to take the edge off the toe pain. Thanks, Mary in Texas
Make sure you don't take the naproxyn if you've had a fusion - at least until you're fully fused.

Massaging the back of your leg could help because it could loosen the muscle and perhaps let the muscle in the foot let go a little.

If you can't soak in a bath, can you soak just your foot (like up to your ankle). I do know warm water does relieve mine a bit.

Mine is so sensitive that even a pedicure bothered it at first... it has gotten better.

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