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Hi Willis and welcome to the board, :wave:
Your problems sound almost like mine.I went to the doctor with complains of back pain and pain going down my arm and around to my chest. Also low back pain. I had tripple bypass heart surgery in May of 2000 so docs wanted to make sure my heart wasn't acting up so we did a battery of tests. All were negitive.I had an MRI of the thoracic spine. This was the impression.
1. Mild spondylosis of the thoracic spine with multilevel disc degeneration, worse at T8-9 and T9-10 and to a lesser extent elsewhere.
2. A extruded/herniated disc at the T8-9 level with caudal migration along the left side with left sided cord compression.
3. Posterior spondylotic ridging is noted at the T2-3, T4-5, and T7-8 level with mild cord compression along the central left side at the T2-3 level and none at other levels.
4. Small central protrusion at the T4-5 level with no cord compression.
5. Left posterolateral/paracentral herniated nucleus pulposus versus spur with no left sided cord compression.
6. Bilateral renal cysts.

Well I went to a neurosurgeron. He said I had problems with my thoracic but he thought my pain was typical of a cervical spine problem. So, MRI of the C-spine. Here was the findings.

1. Moderate canal stenosis at C4 to C7 with mid canal stenosis at C3-4.
2. Tiny central disc protrusion at C5-6 with a left lateral disc protrusion at the C5-6 level as well. Also a note is made of a small right paracentral disc protrusion at C6-C7.
3. Nultilevel degenerative changes are seen in the facet joints and uncovertebral joints with encroachment upon the neural foramen bilaterally from C3 to C7.

Doc seemed to think that C6-7 was causing most of my problems. In 11/03 I had fusion of C6-7 with a donor bone graft and an EBI plate with 4 screws.
This took care of a lot of my pain but I still have pain in my neck and in my middle back. I can't hardly use my arms for much of any thing. I can't even cook a meal without a spot about the size of 2 soft balls start to burn like hell.
I'm on 60 mgs of methadone a day and 1200 mgs of neurotin a day with some Zanaflex when I need them. I see a Pain management doc who says we will do this until I get approved for disability and medicare. Then he feels if everything is the same that I should have a pump implanted.
The surgeron who did my C-spine said that he has done thoracic spine surgery before. ( He has retired in the last month). But with my past heart surgery and all the DDD that I would not be a could canidate. He said unless I start to have problems with incontence or bowel problems that I should stick with the pain mgt. route. It SUCKS! I am 43 years old and had to take a medical retirement form the police department. I was a Police officer for about 10 years and was a security guard/supervisor for 15 years before that. I was turned down the first two times for social security disability and have an apponitment with a lawyer next week to apply for the administrative hearing. All this started about 9/2003. I had to retire July 1,2004. I went from working 2 or 3 jobs to " flat on my back". Oh well I had to vent a little too. I have to go now that burning in my back is starting to creep up agian from all this typing. I do read alot but I don't post alot because of this.
Good luck to you :wave:

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