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Gotta get moving
Jan 6, 2005
I think today is the day I will stop spending 24 hours in bed. I am sitting up on the couch right now as I type, getting up every 1/2 hour. I am not sitting upright like 90 degrees, I am back a little, but I feel okay. My brace hurts more than my back does really. THOugh, I took two percs before I did this too. I decided to ask my dr what we can do to increase the effectiveness of my pain meds when I am up and out of the apartment. Mine wear off after maybe a hour at the max when I am upright and sitting. So, need to find out if something can be taken WITH them or if I can have a much stronger pain med just for that (will be good too for when I start PT). I will take a shower a bit later, and take my dog for a walk around the complex. I already walk okay, I did a lot of it last weekend for three days when we were shopping. BUt, getting outside and letting the sun sit on me for a bit will feel great. We are supposed to get more rain starting tomorrow and it should last through Tues, so today is a good day to get out.
Well, we'll see how I feel after doing this. Feels good to be able to watch TV from the couch instead of the bed. I have been up for one hour now, we'll see if I can last through this re-run of Chicago hope. THinking I may get a pedicure this weekend. I HATE not being able to reach my FEET! (that SUCKS :) )

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