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Thank you Carol for the welcome :)

Yeap, I am doing searching now. I am going back and forth from this board and searching. I am finding stuff basically how the procedure is done. Haven't found anything yet from peoples experiences that have had this done. I am gonna keep lookin!! I was thinking about the 2nd opinion but a friend of mine who works in a rehab hospital referred me to this Neurosurgeon. This doctor had done surgery on my friends, fiances' grandfather, so that is why I am not sure if I want to get a 2nd opinion. Although who knows .... after I hear some experiences on this type of surgery I might LOL.

Tifferzz :)
Tifferzz, on August 16th of last year I had a laminectomy/microdiscectomy at L5,S1. I struggled with pain for about a year before I had the surgery. For me, it has made a huge difference. I still get some leg and butt pain but it is nowhere near what it was before. My back does get a little sore when I sit too long or work it too much. I was unable to sit, bend, twist or lift more than ten pounds for 6 weeks. My surgery was not like most because my disc rupture was difficult to get to.

I can understand your fears. You hear so many horror stories about back surgery but it sounds like you may have a good doctor. If he is not rushing you into surgery, that is a good sign. The decision to have surgery is yours, not his. Ask as many people who have had surgery by him to get an idea if he is good or not.

I am a 38 year old male who is pretty active. I was very worried this would slow me down but I am doing very well. I have been snowboarding twice and cross country skiing twice this year with no problems. Educate yourself as much as you can and ask alot of questions. Then you can make the decision whether surgery is for you or not.

I am sorry you are having problems but this is a great place for info and support. There are some really great people out there that have had similar experiences. Good luck and let me know if you have any specific questions.


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