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Hi all. I usually post on the Fibromyalgia board, but I visit here sometimes because of my back.

I have been advised to have surgery by both my pain doc and my rheumy. My GP tells me to "hold out" as long as I can. Well I think the "as long as I can" time has come.

I am worried though about what my rheumy said at my last appt. She is afraid that there is more damage back there since I have waited so long. You see I started having steady back pain in the summer of 2002 and was finally dx with the help of an MRI with the following results:

Herniated discs at L3-4 and L4-5
Annular tear at the L4-5 level as well as Foraminal stenosis of the lumbar spine

I also have some Cervical spine issue going on, but nothing like the back. What concerns my rhuemy is the fact that I cannot raise my legs (more of my right leg) more than a couple inches off the floor. The pain is begining to run around to the front of my groin area and more down into my buttocks. I also have bursitis in my right hip. She did a push test to see if I could raise my ankle to push up against her hand and I couldn't, niether could I raise my leg from a sitting position and push against her while she had her hand on the front of my leg. rhuemy says we won't do another MRI until I decide to have the surgery in order to find out what more is going on back there. My pain doc says he will recommend a really good neuro to do the surgery.

My concern: Will this help me? My rhuemy doesn't seem to think it will totally repair the damage. Also, I am on my second appeal for disability so the cost of surgery is out of the question. I have no income. I am married, but my husband quit his job working offshore so that he could be home with me, but our income decreased by just over $3000 a month. OUCH!

Anybody here familiar with my situation? Any advice would be wonderful. I am so tired of my back bascially bringing my life to a hault.

Here's wishing you all a good spirit

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