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Thanks for your reply. Probably 10 radiologists and many more pain/spine specialists of various disciplines have looked at the L4/5 disc MRI film, from several different lumbar MRI's, CT;s, etc. Virtually all state that there is no compression of the cauda equina at L4/5. As much as I would like for that to be the problem (believe me, I would) I am forced to conclude that it must not be.

As far as my comment on fusion/prodisc, I have been told that *IF* the disc itself is the cause of the sacral radiculopathies, then I would need to take the entire disc out as just a micro-discectomy or IDET, etc., is not as certain to end the problem.

It is hard, since many doctors simply don't believe a torn disc can refer symptoms, and even those that do are puzzled by the referral pattern my symptoms are have. My experience so far suggests my presentation is very unusual.

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