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Another two cents:
Okay-I saw an ortho first regarding my neck and back pain. He said I was too young and he'd do no surgery to help me. He told me to go and have epiderals in my neck b/c my NECK was the issue of all my problems. He said if I did not go get the injections, I should leave his office then and there b/c there was nothing he could do for me. He did not offer anything to me and did not say he ever wanted me to see him again. I left crying and my husband wanted to punch his lights out. So, I don't think one dr is better than another-I keep saying that but I have dealt with two orthos and one NS and of the three the NS is the best and the nicest. BUt, that doesn't mean I would never see an ortho again. I think it is the doctor, not the profession. I also wonder if age has something to do with it too. BOth Orthos were older and seemed bored and tired of us back people like we are a waste of their time and push us around. The NS sat and listened, asked if he answered all my questions, took his time, smiled at me, and even walked me to the check out counter, and does this every time. He always shakes my hand with a smile and pats me on the back saying" I am so happy you are feeling well" or whatever. He is under 40 and I don't think he has been doing this long enough to be annoyed with us. I really really think that is the problem. I don't think we should say ORTHO is better than NS or the other way around. The kind of person he or she is makes the dr.
NOW, I had the MRI first. SHowed the disc issues(cervical and lumbar). The xray showed my arthritis (neck and back)(MRI too) and loss of neck curve. A week before my injections (PM doc disagreed with the Ortho and was shocked to do so b/c he knows this dr very well-he said it looked like my neck caused my neck pain and my low back caused my back pain) I had the EMG and nerve conduction. The emg showed a pinched nerve relating to my C-spine. No other nerve problems. I had traction with the steroid pack. Then, I had my injections. One into the low back and a transforaminal one in the neck (two injections, one on each side). After a month, low back was not getting better, but my pinched nerve symptoms went away (tingling, arm pain, hand weakness etc...). I saw my NS and he felt that there was no surgery that would really help my neck. Most people he does surgery on still have pain. BUT, he did feel I may be a good candidate for the lumbar fusion. Then I had the discogram which showed the two discs were bad. We then decided to put my neck on hold and go ahead with the lumbar fusion of L4-S1. I am happy to report it went well and I am very glad I did it. The future is uncertain for my neck though. There is no sure surgical treatment for spondylosis-which I don't really want anyway. So, I have to wait until March to discuss my neck further, and see how well my back is doing in the healing process.
I hope some of this has helped a little bit. There aren't many of us here with neck issues-and so far none of us have been given a definitive answer on how to treat it. But, I will be one of the first to mention it if I do get some answers and relief.

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