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Well I went in today and got them about 11:00 and feel better now.

Slept like poop last night and hurt bad today until I got them (only made it 2 hrs at wk instead of three, then felt too awful to continue). I think I got about 3 hrs sleep total :eek:

You know, I thought my back was doing okay, but without the pain meds I realized how bad it still is when I am drug free, and to tell the truth, it still is REALLY REALLY bad. Like I couldn't catch my breath bad...

I don't know if this is from the surgery, or what. I'm praying its too early that the surgery didn't work. But my hip pain is still there bad... please tell me this will go away. At what point do you know if you are not going to get any better?? Because if my no oxycontin pain level (what I was feeling this morning) is as good as its going to get - I am SO, SO in trouble....

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