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Hi. I am a new member to these boards. I am in the process of trying to find my diagnoses...I have been having pain in my left mid-back area (which also seems to go around to the front left under my rib area) since April, 2004. I have been to so many doctors and have had so many test...that all come back negative and showing that I am in good health!!! haha. In the beginning they said they thought I had Pleurisy, because it hurts everytime I breathe - but, after a few months they ruled that out. I don't hurt in my lung area, but somewhere deep inside. That's the hard thing... I can't pinpoint exactly where it hurts. It doesn't hurt when they touch or put pressure in that area. It just hurts inside when I do anything and nothing - when I breathe, move, sit, stand, lay down, all the time. It hurts worse and gets outta control if i do much during the day. If i basically do nothing (well, just a little housework and running my kids around) the pain meds I am on will work pretty good...but, add anything else to the mix and the pain is awful and constant.

I am waiting for the results of my full body bone scan which i had Monday...I'm sure I will hear that it was fine (which i know i should be grateful to hear and i am, really, it's just at this point i want to find out just what is causing the pain so i can do whatever to actually heal it!). I am so tired of just taking pain medicine - and am ready to work on healing the problem instead of just masking it, ya know!?

I'm sorry to just go on and on...I've never joined a group like this, but I think I need the company! and the support and advice :)

I have had many x-rays, CT scans with/without contrast and of a few areas, 3 MRI's, 2 EMG's, lots of blood workups, bone scan, chiropracter (which about killed me!), round of 3 epidurals, 2 facet blocks, many injections and meds which none provided any relief...

Thanks for listening to me! I'm glad to know there are people out there that understand what i'm going thru.

Have a happy day,

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