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[QUOTE=Willis Earl;1478980]Hey Humpty,

Yes I have leg cramps and feet cramps every nite . I wear socks sometimes helps the feet cramps but the hot water is the only thing that helps everything else and moving around and walking . I have a few perc's left from in dec. they took my hardware out from lumbar , But they dont work really anymore and my doc said he could'nt help me anymore so now I'm trying to find and afford a P.M. person.

Thorasic or Cervical--Does anyone know why sleeping hurts so much now is it just the pressure from lying down?
Like I said I have my Mri's of my cervical for me to give to the next doc but if my guy could'nt see anything on my cervical mri's -to me that means Thorasic--is that right?
Did'nt there used to be someone on here a while back called Standing Man that used to sleep uprite or something like that. I think I'm not far from that -I try everything -pillows evrywher around me but it seems the few hours I do sleep i still twist myself into a knott.Oh well...,...
Take care Willis[/QUOTE]

OH MY GOSH! I can't believe there is others like me out there with pain in the thoracic area! All I ever find on line is info on lumbar and cervical area. I have already been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and Degenerative Disc Desease in the lumbar area along with a disc tear at S1. But I don't mean to sound excited that someone else is suffering at night and can't lay down. I am just amazed that you are there. I currently can't afford another MRI to see what is going on in the thoracic. I have dealt with the lumbar for 35 yrs. It is a little scary to think all the different diagnosis that there could be for me at this point. I hope I never stand up to sleep cause I don't think my husband will stand with me. So could there really be disc problems in this area as well? I hope someday to give good support on this website but for now, I am on the " needing help" area right now.

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