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[QUOTE=mel1977]yuk, well, aren't we a group? Anyone else agree that these two areas of the spine are the worst? I don't mean to infer that lumbar issues are easy to deal with, but it seems you can do more treatments there. I am limited it seems on my cervical spine treatments. My neck does hurt, it is so strange the skin its self is sore, right in the tendon area of the front (the part that kinda sticks out). I get that pain at the first rib on the left, the burning between the blades, KNOTS out the wazoo, shoulder aches, arm pain, headaches and this-if I make my scapula bone protrude out, the BONE feels like it hurts, how odd is that??? Sorry if some was redundant. What is this decompression thing? I wonder if I can do that? Doubt it. I don't have DDD there, just the bulge and I don't even know how significant it is anymore. UGH! My upper back gets so stiff too along with my neck-so uncomfortable and painful! I feel like I can't get a deep enough breath sometimes too. Infact, I had one dr tell me that doing deep breathing would help get rid of some of theknots in the backside of my ribs. But, I didn't have the neck issues then.....[/QUOTE]

I also have the knots, but the ultra sound & the massages & the anti-inflams helped it a lot. My shoulder blade bone hurts too at times, at times everything hurts!!! Mine goes down my arm too, but that is much better now that I've gotten the muscles in the back out of spasm & not so inflamed.

The decompression is where they will test my neck for the areas that are impinged, then they put you more or less in a traction thing 3 times a week to force the ligaments to conform to where my neck is supposed to be. I have no curve in my spine in my neck, it's too straight & that is the problem too.

They also do the decompression for other parts of the back, I will also be getting it for my lumbar eventually. Five years ago when I had lumbar problems the only place that did this around here was over 2 hours from me & I would have had to stay in a motel for 6 to 8 weeks to get treatment. This is a new pain clinic & it is only 20 mins from my house, which is great. Talked to a guy at the clinic who was having the cervical decompression & he said it has done miracles for him & his pain.

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