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The following are the results of my MRI and EMG! I tried to search on the net as to what they mean but am not having much success, please help if you can!

EMG: LEft lower extremity study reveals a borderline peroneal F latency and mild H-reflex delay compatible with lumbosacral root irritation.

Now I have pain from my butt down the back of my thigh, knee, into my lower leg and middle of my foot. The pain I have is a tingling, pins and needles, burning, hot, cramping, electrical shocks.
I also get pain on the balls of my feet that is painful to the touch and to put pressure on them, and bending my toes create a charlie horse type pain, this pain comes and goes, might last for 2-3 days and then gets some relief for 2 -3 days.

MRI: Mild increased lumbar lorosis, dehydration of the intervertebral disc at L3-L4 and minimally at L4-L5 & L5-S1. Minimal curvature of the lumbar spine towards the right side. Hypertrophy of the posterior joints is present at all levels. L3-L4 shows central herniated disc encroachingupon the tecal sac. L4-L5 and L5-S1 level shows bulging annuli encroaching upon the tecal sac and lateral recesses. Paraspinal musculature atrophy at L4-L5 and L5-S1 secondary to posterior joint hypertrophy.
I have alot of deep, burning, achy, crampy, throbbing, hot pain in my lower back and tailbone. Pain increases when sitting, walking, certain positions lying in bed, usually needs to have knees bend or lye on right side with knees bent.
My back feels very unstable and just really hurts and is very uncomfortable. The heating pad seems to help soothe the pain but definately doesnt relief it. Pain meds. don't work just make me tired and sick.
Waiting on a disogram but my Car insurance keeps denying it, so I have to see there dr (IME) on 2/7 and see what they think. I'm so depressed from the pain and get so mad that my injuries are documented per MRI and EMG and are not doctors educated guesses. My pain is severe and constant and nothing seems to take the pain away. Does the above sound serious?
Please share any info or suggestions you may have with me.
Thank you!
Thank you injured betty for your reply, it was helpful and now I have an understanding of some of the words I wasn't sure about.
My back feels very unstable and I having this stinging, burning on the left side of my lumbar. It hurts 24/7 with know relief. I've had this pain since 04/30/04, getting out of bed in the mornings is a challenge for me, my back feels stiff and achy. My sleep pattern is all messed up because I can't get comfortable in bed, I just toss and turn until I am so exhausted I just fall asleep. I have to lye with me knees bend as lying flat or on my stomache creates tons of presser in my lumbar. The pain in my legs seems to be S1 and in the foot seems to be L5 and S2 per the "nerve chart". My drs are looking to do a disogram to see if my discs are damaged, they are looking to do L3, L4 and L5, but my insurance co. has deny the procedure until I see one of there drs. My Neurosurgeon said she could do surgery to shave off the herination in L5-S1 that is on my nerve but she said it won't help my back pain so she agrees with PM and wants the disogram as well. See my MRI was read wrong the first time and what I posted was what there second reading stated, different dr 2nd time. My Neourosurgoen says I have a L5-S1 Herination, not just a bulge, Othrosurgeon says he doesnt see a Herination at L5-S1, it just gets so frustrating, I just want to be pain free. This injury has taken it's toll on my family as well, as it hurts for me to do to much, even walking causes me pain after 10 mins, I start to limp and have weakness in my left leg and of increase back pain.
Again thanks for you insight. Hope you are feeling better!
Take care,
[QUOTE=fibrolady]I hope you are getting some pain relief. I have experienced similar pain down my butt, thighs, to my feet and my Doctor diagnosed sciatic nerve problems. He first suggested PT, but that only made me feel worse. I also have herniated discs at L-4 and L-5, the problem there is that they are not bulging out far enough to make me a surgery candidate. I spend a lot of time in my recliner. I take morphine (100 mg 3xday) for pain. I am able to function fairly pain free now but at first I was on all kinds of meds for pain, muscle relaxers, anti-depression, the whole works. I took everything at first. I even take vitamins that help with bone loss and arthritis and I rested a lot. In time, my pain became more tolerable and I have been able to do some house work or take a trip to the store. But I still spend much of the day in my recliner with my feet elevated. If I do sleep in a bed, I always prop a pillow under my thighs. I hope this info. helps. God bless[/QUOTE]

Thanks fibrolady for your reply :) I went though P/T for 8 weeks and all I could tolerate was heat and stem, not weights or exercises, they were actually mad at me because I couldn't do more but I was in to much pain. The thing is my pain is getting worse not improving. I mean 9 months ago I had the same pain on both sides of my body, but my right side has seemed to heal "if you will" but my left side is actually worse now then at first. I was rear ended by a guy in an older heavy pick up truck doing 30 mph and he didnt even try to stop. I was at a complete stop and knew I was going to get hit so I tightened up and then he hit me. I applied both feet to the break so I wouldn't hit the car in front me. Today is a real bad day, numbness and tingling in my butt, and my right foot, I can't even apply weight to it, along with the tingling in both bottoms of my feet. My neurosurgeon already said she could shave the herniation off the nerve and probably a fusion at L3/L4 because there is a tear there. I think she was thinking of decompression at l4/l5 and l5/s1 but not sure until this disogram gets done. Oh it is such a nightmare lying here in pain everyday. Not to mention I have facet injuries at c5.6 and 7 which is also causing me severe pain as my blocks from 4 months ago seems to be wearing off.
So what are they going to do for you? I mean if you feel the same pain I do I just dont know how you could deal with that, I mean I know there is a possible solution in the coming months for me but if they say they can't do anything I just don't know how I could except that. I feel so bad for you! I hope you are feeling better and thanks for your info.
Take care and hoping for pain free days for you to come :)


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