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[QUOTE=mlachowicz]This is nuts...considering I was in a car accident and that is the reason for my back issues, but I have to ask.....
Does anyone out there have polycystic ovarian syndrome? If yes, has it contributed to your back pain?

I don't have that, but I do have endometriosis, which often causes a lot of pain from cysts, among other things. It is a possibility - though remote - that a cyst somewhere could be causing back pain. But if you go to a gyno who specializes in said problem, he or she can usually rule that in or out for sure. In your case it sounds like it has nothing to do with it, but you should get your gyno doctor to back you up on that, if your case involves a lawsuit against the person who hit you.

It was a car accident that caused my back problems too - it was very obvious in my case - but still I had to go to my endo specialist after a large cyst in my ovary was spotted during an MRI for my back. My back doctors told me I had to go see my gyno to get his opinion as to whether it factored into the back pain. It didn't, he was sure of that. But he was also sure that the cyst had to be taken out ASAP, or I was going to end up in the emergency room.
I wanted everyone to read this and if you have any of the symtoms below you may have what I had
(Doctor told me that I was famous, because this has never been diagnosed)
Re: This may not be your diagnosis though:

List of my Symptoms:
Lower severe Back pain
Bleeding Kidney
Overian Cyst
Frequent Urination
swelling of legs

You can also email me at :
[email][email protected][/email]

The Facts about Endometriosis:

My Name is Cheryl Coffee. I have been diagnosed of having Kidney Endometriosis. My doctor told me yesterday that this is the first time he had ever heard of this. I am suppose to go down in health books as being the first person to have this diagnosed. (My Doctor tells me he will send me the book when published...Im famous)

Anyway it started in October 2004. I was having severe lower back pain. (Felt like a Kidney stone,
but wasn't). I went to the Emergency room. I was in the Hospital 1 week, leaving the hospital not
given a diagnosis. My Kidneys were bleeding and they found a 9 cm Cyst on my left Overy. They did a biopsy. Came back Negative of Cancer. I went to this same Doctor from this Hospital 2 more times. I was getting frustrated and I was still in PAIN.

I had Ct Scans and Ultra Sounds. Then this Doctor called me on New Years Eve, and ruined it. The Doctor told me that I had 50/50 chance of Cancer. I didn't stop here. I got a 2nd Opinion.

I went 2 hours away to another Urologist (For my Kidney) and a GYN Oncologist (For my Cyst).
They immediately told me I needed Surgery soon to take care of this. The next week I was in the hospital
having Surgery. I had actually 2 Surgeries. one on my Cyst and the other on my Kidney. They had two incisions- 1 (at where I already had my C-section and the other on my side). They both used staples to close up the incisions. I was at the hospital for 4 days and I went home. That was last Friday and this is Wednesday and I feel so much better.

I went to the Doctors yesterday to get my staples taken out and he gave me the good news...NO CANCER.
But it was a histological diagnosis that has never been heard of.
actually I had it both in Kidney and Overy.

Email me with any questions:
[email][email protected][/email]

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